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歡迎來到 Magnifico 包:終極模組包和官方繼任者 姚包,從頭開始為 1.16 重製!這個模組包包括 170 多個社區最喜歡的技術、魔法和探索模組,包括:

  • Applied Energistics 2

  • Advanced Mining Dimension

  • Advent of Ascension 3

  • Atmospheric

  • Mekanism + Several Addons

  • Dungeons Plus

  • BetterCaves

  • Biomes O' Plenty

  • Botania

  • Quark + Oddities Addon

  • Create

  • Dynamic Surroundings

  • Enigmatic Legacy

  • Endergetic

  • Ice & Fire

  • Minecolonies

  • Computer Craft: Tweaked

  • Pam's HarvestCraft 2

  • Spartan Weaponry

  • Spartan Shields

  • Thermal Foundation + Addons

  • Lost Cities

  • Of Faith and War

  • Occultism

  • Unhealthy Dying

  • Flux Networks

  • Enigmatic Legacy

  • Mystical Agriculture

  • Nature Compass

  • Nether Enhanced

  • Industrial Reborn (IC2 port)

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Foregoing

  • Jellyfishing

  • Realm of Magnis

  • Tetra

  • The Abyss

  • The Undergarden

  • Twilight Forest and many, many more.

...All fully compatible with survival multiplayer in 1.16 with several dedicated servers to play on!


Magnifico Pack 的設計與多人服務器高度兼容。只需在右上角的此頁面上下載提供的服務器構建器並設置您自己的服務器構建器(一鍵即可完成!)或在已添加到默認服務器列表中的社區服務器之一上玩(即將推出)。再簡單不過了!



沒有問題!更多的模組會隨著後續更新而頻繁添加,這讓事情變得有趣、新鮮和最新。您可以在“變更日誌”選項卡或我們的網站上找到最新的變更日誌 不和諧服務器

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歡迎來到姚包! [不是壽司容器!]

嗯,它是我最喜歡的所有模組的集合,在一個模組包中!它包括許多不同的技術、冒險和魔法模組。如果您玩過 Tekkit Legends、FTB 或 Tekkit,您將會非常熟悉此模組包中的許多模組!對我和我的朋友來說,許多主要的模組包太大了,我們無法進入,或者改變遊戲太多而無法享受。我計劃使用 Yao Pack 來解決這個問題,通過添加更小、更簡單的 mod(例如 Quark),讓每個人都能更輕鬆地過渡到 mod,同時又不會缺少功能或機制。擁有超過 200 個很棒的模組,您永遠不會無事可做。這是終極模組包!


  • IndustrialCraft 2 [A classic tech/industrialisation mod! Auto-Crafting and more!]

  • BuildCraft [A simple mod to get into, but just as cool as many other tech mods. Build huge quarries and let them do the hard work for you!]

  • Steve's Carts 2 [Improve your rails beyond belief and much more!]

  • GalactiCraft [Travel to space!]

  • PSI [Program your own spells!]

  • Tinker's Construct [Make your own custom tools!]

  • EnderIO [Compact conduits, machines, powerful tools and armor and more!]

  • Thermal Expansion [New upgrades, tech and electronic mechanisms!]

  • Iron Chests [Larger chests]

  • Immersive Railroading [Awesome new trains for transportation of all kinds!]

  • XL Food [Over 150 new foods and items!]

  • Applied Energistics 2 [Make storage systems like never before!]

  • Twilight Forest [Explore a whole new dimension with new enemies, biomes and bosses!]

  • Botania [Natural magic!]

  • Quark [A bunch of awesome little tweaks and additions!]

  • Blood Magic [Make powerful spells and items with blood!]

  • Immersive Engineering [Community favorite that adds a bunch of tech-based features and items, with a focus on realism!]

  • Electroblob's Wizardry [Become a Master Wizard!]

  • And also some of my personal favorites!

  • Optifine [Makes the game run better, no cons!]

  • Mekanism [Tons of cool machinery!]

  • Minecolonies [Make your own colony and build up an empire!]

  • JEI and Hwyla [Find items and recipes much faster!]

  • Aether Legacy [An updated version of the original Aether mod which adds a whole new sky dimension to explore and conquer!]

  • ...And many more!


與 Magnifico Pack 一樣,Yao Pack 在設計上與多人服務器高度兼容。只需在右上角的此頁面上下載提供的服務器構建器並設置您自己的服務器構建器(一鍵即可完成!)或在已添加到默認服務器列表中的社區服務器之一上玩(即將推出)。再簡單不過了!


不!多虧了 Optifine 和 Foamfix,modpack 可以在大多數計算機上流暢運行,即使它有很多內容!隨意嘗試一下,你不會後悔的 - 我保證它名副其實。



由我託管並由我與其他社區成員維護的白名單服務器。 BITCraft服務器提供了高質量,友好的生存和創造體驗,並且一直在運行從舊版Alpha到最新版本的所有以前的更新!可以在下面的Back in Time Discord服務器中找到申請表的鏈接。


注意: 該服務器適用於 Java Bedrock版,與Java版具有真正的交互作用!




BITGenerations是使用Yao Pack modpack的專用服務器,它是我最喜歡的mod的集合,同時還包含許多社區收藏夾,例如AA2,EnderIO,Aether,BuildCraft,IC2,GalactiCraft,Thermal Expansion,Blood Magic,Twilight Forest,Botania,Quark ,PSI,Mekanism,MPS,IE,ProjectRed等。全部與SMP 1.12.2完全兼容!啟動Yao Pack時,該服務器已經添加到您的服務器列表中。再簡單不過了!

通過Technic Launcher免費下載!

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